Interested in Becoming a Student Ambassador?
Student Ambassadors will be selected to represent The Benjamin Lofts.  Your role, as a Student Ambassador, will be to create awareness about our community.

This role will enhance the students' resume by building volunteer experience,  help strengthen their leadership skills, and grow communication abilities.

Once selected, Student Ambassadors will receive a Swag Kit, which includes items such as a t-shirt, cup, pens, and other marketing materials.  The kit is for the Ambassador to keep and use.  We would love to see these worn and used around the campus.

We will also provide items for the Ambassador to hand out as they begin communicating with prospective students.  We ask that each item handed out be accompanied by a Benjamin informational flyer.  Student Ambassadors are not expected to answer questions on The Benjamin, but should direct them to the leasing office or website for inquiries or more information.

As an Ambassador, when you are out and about sporting your shirt or using your swag, we would love to capture photos of you "in action."  These can be emailed to us at: thebenjamin@rockwoodpm.com.  We will hold a monthly contest and the most creative photo, from Student Ambassadors, will be rewarded.  

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Student Ambassador, please submit a contact form and provide us with your contact information.  ​